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World leaders hail death of Turpid Bam Irskel

Global peace now in sight, says Chancellor Berdryn


Nostery Council to outsource itself

People don’t want politicians making important decisions, says council chief


BREAKING NEWS:  Chancellor in shock cannibalism confession

Senate reels as Berdryn reveals truth behind his mother’s ‘trapping accident’


Chancellor accused of censorship

Qnet blog row may prove pyrrhic victory for Berdryn


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Cosmetic “head balancing” dangerous and ineffective, say top doctors


Tartrous refers himself to Standards Commissioner

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Coagulation government looms

Rump Party senators in talks to join coalition government


Surprise at Urkly return to government

Eyebrows rise at appointment of double serial killer as Education Minister


Jamper’s law challenged again

PeopleFirst launch latest legal bid to overturn ‘invidious’ law


I’m not moving, says local Mayor

Local dignitary plumbs himself into council buildings


Government vote called off again

The Government has successfully headed off this year’s fourteenth attempt by PeopleFirst to oust it.


Lord Sandison demands repayment of public debt

State threatened with bankruptcy by biggest creditor’s mystery demand for immediate payment.


Call to take roads into public ownership

Left wing pressure group says private road system causes chaos, and advocates central planning.


General Trebuchet refuses to be drawn

Chief Peacekeeper declines joint request from PeopleFirst and the Government for budget transparency.

The Mayor of Borkempt has a long history of devotion to the town he represents.  Duspin Escroll was elected mayor at the age of seventeen, the youngest person ever to hold the office.  That was almost forty years ago, and he’s been in office ever since.

‘Duspin is this town’s greatest asset,’ said Borkempt businesswoman Aver Moldrink yesterday.  ‘He works day and night on our behalf.  He’s never married, and has no life outside his civic duties.  He’s really put us on the map with his efforts.  OK, so he’s a bit eccentric, but we like our larger than life characters here in Borkempt.  It all adds to the local colour.’

Moldrink was reacting to the news that Mayor Borkempt has had himself plumbed in behind his desk in the mayor’s office in the town hall.  In what he declares to be a sign of his devotion to the job, he has had his anus and urethra connected to the sewage system, and a tube from the building’s canteen run down his throat into his stomach.  He has also hooked himself up to the council’s data net via sockets implanted in his skull.

Not all locals are impressed.  ‘This is disgusting,’ said Gurpling Distrant, a teacher at the local upper school.  ‘The mayor meets some high-ranking people in that office, and they aren’t going to be comfortable with the thought that he’s sitting there shitting himself.  What’s more, whereas I’m sure it’s perfectly feasible to run a tube from your backside to a sewer pipe, I don’t believe the technology yet exists to let people interface directly with computers.  I should know, I’m a science teacher.  Duspin is mentally disturbed, and it’s about time people round here started facing up to that fact.’

I’m not moving, says local Mayor