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Beautiful rain at angles of as low as fifty degrees, dancing in north westerly gusts.


Quint dominant in blazing mauve skies, not a cloud in sight and Aquine skulking around the horizon.


Seedrise will bring the nights alive as the ground rises up to meet the sky.


Ammonia storms!  Possessors of dust suits will witness the finest display in a generation.

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Sunsrise by Oola Forwind

In early 2005, QRIS commissioned the renowned landscape artist Oola Forwind to design an artwork for us that we could adapt for a new logo as part of our site redesign.  That was several site redesigns ago.  She eventually delivered the above artwork late last year, and frankly it was a big disappointment.  It looks like it was knocked off on a cheap graphic design program in about ten minutes.

But when we tried to withhold Forwind’s fee, she sued, and her previous career as an actress proved of great use to her.  Despite the flimsiness of her case, the judge was moved by her tears and histrionics.  We had to pay.  There was no money left in the budget to recommission, so we made the best of it.

We feel we’ve adapted a decent logo from Forwind’s design, but we’re disappointed to have to offer the above artwork as the introduction to our weather pages.  To be honest, you’d be better looking out the window.  We hope to have the budget to commission a new image soon, one which does justice to the beautiful weather systems of our great planet.